Jonathan Mann vuelve con la canción de la WWDC 2015

Hace años que vemos a Jonathan Mann en su canal de YouTube, con su canción al día, tratando los temas más candentes de la actualidad. El mismísimo Steve Jobs bailó con una de sus canciones.

Jonathan Mann

Hoy vuelve al ataque con una canción sobre la Keynote de apertura de la WWDC 2015… da un buen resumen de lo que se presentó y también se queja de lo larga que fue. Más de dos horas parece ser el estándar ahora en las Keynotes de Apple. Esta es la canción, y la letra, debajo del vídeo.

Craig Federighi asked Trent Reznor
To help him find his pain and rage
But Craig Federighi didn’t have any
He had a totally dope presentation on stage

A cursor that jumps out at you
Spotlight panel resize
How about that innovation
SplitView, Yurts and pinned sites

Not one but count them two
Women up on the stage
It’s a start and it’s about damn time
Cuz these white dad jokes are starting to fade

Lots of apps got sherlocked
I feel bad for them
Federighi meditates
When he wakes up at 5am
Swift 2 is open source
And I hope they don’t waste time
Cuz long ago didn’t they say
The same thing about FaceTime?

I’m not really psyched
About anything Apple Music does
If Drake had a point that he was making
I’m not sure I really know what it was
Eddie Cue was dancing
Jimmy Iovine was yelling
But I don’t think the audience
Was buying what they were selling

Susan Prescott reads ESPN
For the articles
More of her, please
And less One More Things
You can just be willy nilly with those

iPad multitasking
Low power mode and games
Transit looks cool
El Capitan is a werid name
Wallet and news and siri knows
When you get in your car
Apple cares about your privacy
So Bust a move and get bizarre

[aquí repite estribillo]

El Capitan, El Capitan
El Capitan, El Capitan
Metal and Poutine
Cool stuff on watchOS
And I don’t wanna be mean
But it went on a little too long
We all got burned out
If Steve were here
He never ever ever would have allowed
Just kidding there were keynotes he did that weren’t perfect either

Las buenas noticias para Mann es que ahora, gracias a Apple Music, podrá publicar su propia música sin pasar por ningún otro intermediario, y estará disponible en todas las Apps de Música de cualquier iPhone o iPad que tenga iOS 8.4 instalado.

Letra vía: 9to5Mac.

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